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Tribology and Corrosion

This meeting is a joint venture involving Swiss Tribology, the Swiss Society for Surface Technology (SGO) and the Swiss Association for Materials Science and Technology (SVMT) and is supported by the «Bildungs- und Forschungs- Fond» of the Swiss Association of Lubricants Industry (VSS).

Wear and corrosion are extremely detrimental to the integrity of materials and, therefore, diminish the ability of a component to perform its function reliably.

This meeting will focus on aspects of corrosion and tribology and is aimed at those interested in reducing or preventing corrosion and wear as well as the cuases and mechanisms of such damage.

LocationAKADEMIE, EMPA, Dübendorf
CostCHF 100.- for members of Swiss Tribology, SVMT, SGO and VSS
CHF 225.- for non-members
Registrationby mail or e-mail to Rowena Crockett
ContactRowena Crockett, Überlandstr. 129, CH-8600 Dübendorf (
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Prof. Louis Schlapbach, EMPA
10:00A protocol to evaluate the synergism and mechanisms in tribocorrosion on passivating materials in sliding contacts
Jean-Pierre Celis, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
10:45Wear-corrosion interaction mechanisms in the tribocorrosion of passive metals
Stephano Mischler, EPFL
11:25Solutions to Surface problems - an overview of testing & development activities at Sulzer Innotec
Scott Wilson, Sulzer Inotec
13:30Tribology in High Performing Fastening Systems
Orlaw Massler, Hilti
14:10Microscale characterization of (tribo-) corrosion processes
Patri Schmutz, EMPA
14:50Coffee beak
15:20Tribology of large 2-stroke shi diesel engines
Matthias Amoser, Wärtsilä
16:00Corrosion of Implants
Lukas Eschbach, Robert Mathys Foundation